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East West Trumpet Summit: Coast To Coast




Return of the East-West Trumpet Summit

Urban Folklore

Dialogue: Live at the Earshot Jazz Festival


Both Sides Of The Fence

Crazy: The Music of Willie Nelson


Constraints and Liberations

East / West Trumpet Summit

Human Spirit

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2023 “East West Trumpet Summit: Coast To Coast” Ray Vega & Thomas Marriott (Origin 82873)

2022 “Live From The Heat Dome” Thomas Marriott (Imani Records 0002)

2021 “Crazy, Lazy Day” Eric Verlinde (Self Released)

2020 “The Intangible Between” Orrin Evans Featuring Captain Black Big Band (Smoke Sessions Records – SSR-2003)

2020 “Trumpet Ship” Thomas Marriott (Origin 82798)

2019 “Perception” Chuck Deardorf (Origin 82770)

2019 “Carrier” Xavier Lecouturier (Origin 82783)

2019 “Into The Light” Chava Mirel (Chava Mirel Music 2019)

2018 “Romance language” Thomas Marriott (Origin 82765)

2018 “ContraBand Reloaded” Cliff Colon (Hey Phil! Records 2018)

2018 “Lo Moon” Lo Moon (Columbia 88985497462)

2017 “Moldy Figs” Bren Plummer (BPM2)

2017  “Art Of The Arrangement” Doug Beavers (Artist Share AS0154)

2017 “Baba” Happy Orchestra (Tarik Abouzeid)

2017 “Live At Barca Vol. 1” Adam Kessler & Phil Sparks (Self released)

2016 “Global Concertos” B’shnorkestra (Samantha Boshnak SM0001)

2016 “Are You Listening” The Not-Its (Little Loopy Records)

2016 “Return Of The East West Trumpet Summit” Thomas Marriott & Ray Vega (Origin 82707)

2015 “Titanes Del Trombon” Doug Beavers (Artistshare AS0139)

2014 “Urban Folklore” Thomas Marriott (Origin 82672)

2014 “Nine Surprises” Tom Varner Nonet (Tom Varner Music 700261411453)

2014 “Kansas City Suite” Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra (SRJO-1001)

2014 “Beautiful Alignment” Mercedes Nicole (MNM 210411)

2013 “In The Backyard” Joshua Kaye (Joshua Kaye Music 2013-03)

2013 “Volume 9” KPLU School Of Jazz (KPLU)

2012 “Dialogue: Live At The Earshot Jazz Festival” Human Spirit (Origin 82615)

2011 “Human Spirit” Thomas Marriott (Origin 82588)

2011 “Hablando En Serio” Carlos Cascante Y Su Tumbao (Better Musik)

2011 “School Of Jazz Vol. 7” KPLU 88.5 FM (KPLU)

2010 “East-West Trumpet Summit” Ray Vega & Thomas Marriott (Origin 82561)

2010 “Portrait In Four Colors” Mareen Girard (Maureen Girard)

2010 “Straight Ahead” Hadley Caliman (Origin 82551)

2010 “Global Underground 2010” Various Artists (Global Underground)

2010 “The Breadwinner” Shannon Stephens (Asthmatic Kitty Records)

2010 “See You On The Moon” Tift Merrit (Concord)

2010 “Redefinition” The Vocal Collective (OA2 22068)

2010 “The World’s Not Bad” Smoosh (Smoosh)

2010 “The Endless Search” Jimmy Heath & The SRJO (Origin 82565)

2010 “Tattooed By Passion” Matt Jorgensen (Origin 82568)

2010 “Flash Point” Randy Halberstadt (Origin 82571)

2010 “Inner Mission” Richard Cole (Origin 82575)

2010 “Constraints & Liberations” Thomas Marriott (Origin 82577)

2010 “American Songs Vol. 1” Marc Seales (Marc Seales)

2010 “Clarity” Dave Anderson (Pony Boy Records)

2009 “School Of Jazz Vol. 5” KPLU 88.5 FM (KPLU)

2009 “Flexicon” Thomas Marriott (Origin Records)

2009 “The Paris Suite”  Marc Seales Band (MS Records)

2008 “Crazy: The Music Of Willie Nelson” Thomas Marriott (Origin 82495)

2008 “Orbacron” Various Artists (MKM Records)

2008 “Six East, Six West” Terra Shivaya (Yogini Records)

2008 “Another Morning” Matt Jorgensen (Origin 82500)

2008 “Force Of Four” Joe Locke (Origin 82511)

2008 “Compositonality” Dan Heck (Origin 82512)

2008 “Gratitude” Hadley Caliman, (Origin 82499)

2008 “The Heart Of The Matter” Rick Waldron (Waldron Music)

2008 “KPLU School Of Jazz Volume 4” Various Artists (KPLU 1116)

2007 “Shade” Richard Cole (Origin 82492)

2007 “Conversations And Deconstructions: Jazz Traditions” Greg Williamson (Pony Boy Records       PB50153)

2007 “KPLU School Of Jazz Volume 3” Various Artists (KLPU 1109)

2007 “The Cool Season” Various Artists (Origin 82494)

2007  “Both Sides OF The Fence” Thomas Marriott (Origin 82474)

2007 “I Know Nothing” Dean Schmidt (OA2 Records 22032)

2006  “The Carmine Caruso International Jazz Trumpet Solo Competition

Retrospective 1993-2003” Various Artists (ITG CD 115)

2006 “Siguienda la Tradicion” Orchestra Nueva Era (Salsaneo Records CD0821)

2006 “Sacred Music of Duke Ellington” Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra (Origin 82456)

2006 “The Art Of Becoming One’s Shadow” Lillydale, (Mt. Fuji Records 126)

2006 “KPLU School Of Jazz Volume 2” Various Artists, (KPLU 1108)

2006 “More To The Ear Than Meets The Eye” Bill Anschell (Origin 82469)

2005 “The Hand of Dog” PJ Newman (Origin 82447)

2005 “KPLU School Of Jazz” Various Artists, (KPLU 1107)

2005 “Favorites Form A Long Walk” Greta Matassa (Origin Records 82452)

2005 “The Piano: The Best Of Seattle Jazz” Various Artists (Origin 82376)

2005 “Individuation” Thomas Marriott (Origin Records 82442)

2005 “Bebo De Cuba” Bebo Valdez (Calle 54 Reocrds 45400-2)

2005 “Recuerdos” Carlos Cascante y Su Tumbao (Bettermusik Reocrds 2005-022)

2002 “Dark Angel” Charene Dawn (Sirocco Jazz LTD. 1020)

2002 “SRJO Live” Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra (Origin 82399)

2001 “Sogni Di Amore” Cliff Hollenbeck (Hollenbeck Productions)

2001 “Live” From Whidby Island with Richie “Alto Madness” Cole” Danny Ward (Reality Records 108CD)

2001 “Sentimental Journey” Rosemary Clooney (Concord CCD-4952-2)

1999 “What A System” Clinton Fearon & Boogie Brown Band (Kool Yu Foot CD 1101)

1999 “The High Country” Marriott Jazz Quintet (Red Raspus Records 51381)

1998 “Alive & Swingin’ “ Emerald City Jazz Orchestra (Sealy Music Productions 0004)

1998 “Septology: In The Beginning” David Marriott (Red Raspus Records 1275)

1998 “The Roger Rogers Band” The Roger Rogers Band (Real Records 003)

1997 “ Post Destructivism” Alex Guilbert (Trio Records 1000)

1996  “Open Season” Marriott Jazz Quintet (Red Raspus Records 1273)