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Swinging Into Summer And Beyond

Join me on August 9th and 10th where I’ll be appearing with Ari Joshua’s band, featuring Delvon Llamar for two nights of funky music in the newly re-opened Jazz Alley. I’ll be back at Jazz Alley the following week with Marc Seales’ band on August 17th and 18th. And if a picnic in the park is more your vibe, you can catch my band at The Lodge at St. Edwards State park on September 1st.

Starting September 20th, I’ll be hosting a new jam session at the Royal Room every Monday at 9:00 PM. PLEASE COME JAM WITH US!

Last July, during the “Heat-Dome,” I managed to gather Ted Poor, Eric Revis and Orrin Evans into the studio for a two-day recording session. We were also joined by Skerik and Johnaye Kendrick and the result was inter-stellar to say the least! Look for this new project early next year.

Looking forward to October, my good friend and brother Ray Vega and I will reunite once again for another East-West Trumpet Summit. This time we will be joined by Roy McCurdy on drums for a performance at the Bellevue Jazz Festival followed by a day in the studio for the third Trumpet Summit album. This one is sure to be a swinging affair!