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New Year – New Band!

For the first time in a few years, I’ve decided to form a new working band. For the next year, the Thomas Marriott Quintet will consist of Tim Kennedy (piano), Geoff Harper (bass), Dominic LeCouturier (drums), Rick Mandyck (saxophone) and yours truly. Check the calendar page for a full listing of our 2018 shows!

Thelonious Monk Tribute w/ Orrin Evans at Chris’ Jazz Cafe, Philadelphia

I’m delighted to be joining Orrin Evans at Chris’ Jazz Cafe in Philly for a two-night celebration of Thelonious Monk’s 100th birthday. Orrin’s band includes Reggie Watkins (trombone), Alexander Claffey (bass) and Chris Beck (drums). For more information – visit

Oregon Coast Jazz Party, October 6 & 7 in Newport Beach OR

Looking forward to my first appearance at the annual Oregon Coast Jazz Party in Newport Beach, Oregon. I’m playing Friday night with John Clayton, Russel Malone, Greta Matassa and  Ryan Shaw. Saturday night  I’ll be playing a tribute to Miles Davis with Mary Ann McSweeney, George Colligan and Christopher Brown. For more information click HERE.

New Album Underway!

I’m very excited to announce the beginning of a new project with Joe Locke and Ryan Cohan! Over the last few years I’ve been trying to record an album of music in which the primary focus is on melody. The concept of the album wasn’t to make a “ballads” album (though there are ballads), and not to make a “with strings” record, (though there are strings, too.) I wanted to make an album where the focus was on beautiful melody, pure and simple. My hopes are that the album is a much needed oasis of tranquility to balance the times we live in and the struggles we endure. Thanks to the incredible talents of Joe and Ryan, this project has taken it’s first steps to becoming a reality. This week we recorded 10 tunes in a single session at Avast Studios with the help of John Bishop and Jeff Johnson. I’m excited for this to be completed, and can’t wait to share it with you.

5th Annual Miles Davis Birthday Weekend

Rolling Through New York

Hi Friends!

I’ll be at Maureen’s Jazz Cellar in Nyack, NY on April 19th with David Budway, Cameron Brown & Jimmy Macbride. Then Smalls in NYC with Orrin Evans, Ben Wolfe and Donald Edwards at 7:30PM on 4-20 (Thursday). Hope to see YOU!

New Video – “Inside Trump Tower”

“Inside Trump Tower” is a duo improvisation featuring myself on trumpet and Mark Whitfield Jr. on drums. Our video is the conception and production of Geoff Harper.